DeafLink is a program of the League to assist those who are Deaf and hard of hearing maintain or  increase their independence and self-sufficiency.  DeafLink services include:

1.  sign language interpreting services:  whether on site or by video remote interpreting, this fee-for-service program can help meet your communication needs 24/7.  Bridge communication and cultural barriers between people who are hearing and deaf to convey the purpose, intent, and spirit of the message. 

2.  case coordination: provides assistance with life issues from assistance with completing applications to referrals to community resources.

3.  sign language classes:  basic and advanced courses are available throughout the year, both on and off site.

4.  community education:  receive training and learn more about the cultural and communication needs of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) have set forth principles of ethical behaviors to protect and guide the interpreter/translator, the consumers, and the interpreting profession.  DeafLink interpreters follow this code to ensure the highest standard of professionalism and trust. 

For additional information contact the Director of DeafLink at 260-441-0551 (voice/TTY) or 800-889-3443 (voice/TTY) or the Case Coordinator at 260-440-3013 (Video Phone).